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Home Water Purifier G10-PC

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G10 Home Water Purifier
G10-PC use tree stage filtration system, effective remove odor, impurity, particle, chlorine, Trihalomethane, pesticide and organic chemical.
(1) Stage-1: 40 um / SUS 316 fine filter
First purification treatment use GT-04 Water Pre-Filter, the unique filter flushing technology, not only to filter out most impurities in water, and can discharge them out. Significantly extend back end filter lifetime and filtration efficiency. Install Water Treatment ( POWER-PHOS ) can prevent scale forming,
Option: Install auto-clean equipment for flushing convenient.
(2) Stage-2: 5 um / PP filter
Second purification treatment can filter out small particle, and improve the clarity of the water.
(3) Stage-3: Extruded Carbon Filters
Third purification treatment using the Extruded Carbon Filter, remove odor, chlorine, Trihalomethane, pesticide and organic pollutant.

Dimension:54 cm (H) * 52 cm (W) * 20 cm (D)
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